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Airplus - Responsive Web Portal UI Design

Project Overview

AirPlus has been operating in a traditional and product-centric ecosystem. However, success in the modern marketplace requires companies to put customers at the centre of their operations and deliver excellent customer experience. Based on the internal analysis AirPlus realized that one of the main challenges for the company was a lack of Omni-Product and Omni-Channel processes. There were different product-specific systems in place to manage different touchpoints which means that the company needed to maintain different functional sets to serve different channels. This resulted in the fact that the customer experience could differ across products and channels.

Airplus web portal
airplus web portal ui design

Our Role & Responsibility

Solution provided to AirPlus delivered a platform that allows to channel services through different interaction touchpoints, thus eliminating the boundaries between assisted and unassisted channels. Both project and user interface developments was based on agile methodology. We've worked with internal user experience teams and product teams from AirPlus. We've organized daily, weekly and monthly scrum meetings to be able to track the process of project development. we were responsible for mobile, web and CRM based user interface designs. This project required both onsite and offsite dedication from my side. We have worked together with different teams based in Frankfurt, Germany and London, United Kingdom.

Project Results

The solution will be used by up to 700 internal, 49,000 companies (i.e. 300,000 system users). Customer engagement features of the solutions will be used by AirPlus employees in sales and marketing departments as well as in customer service areas. Customers will have access to their services and products through the new AirPlus portals which I've designed. AirPlus has ambitious goals for the new solution. They believe that the new solution will drastically improve its operations by eliminating numerous process workarounds and exceptions that resulted from a lack of legacy flexibility. Sales and customer service agents will have the entire customer interaction history at their fingertips allowing them to deliver improved service.

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